Not so simple story

I thought about writing this story few times, but mostly I stopped before I did something. This is kind of story that teenagers can not understand it reasons. All started one day when I was delivered National Geographic magazine with a book about studying abroad, studies in European countries…

It was year 2011, summer time or not, I do not remember good. I started to read it quickly, because I was interested in this topic since my cousine went to England and Spain to achive better knowledge and maybe some experience during at a foregin university. I found interesting universities in Scandinavian countries.

Like a real student from secondary school, when I finished 1st year, started to looking for some directions of knowledge that I would feel comfortable in. Since middle school I was not bad in Geographics and Ecology, foregin languages and history about Europe, EU or some organizations for peace and/or connecting countries.

So why I chose in secondary school Geography and Civics as main subjects. Languages in Polish schools are terrible, it is really hard to find good teacher, so I started to learn them on my own. First I wanted to improve my English, because I knew that my speach is horrible and in any case is not like British English, at all. During few months we get new teacher and she was strict about vocabulary, tenses & grammar so I was happy about that. In 2nd year my German group ( it was my 2nd language) got new – lady – frightening, requiring good skills in learning absorption. At the beginning lessons with her were a nightmare, but then I unterstood that it might be some way to get what I wanted – two foreign languages on final exams it is something more – studying abroad.

So I made it. I learnt by heart German vocabullary and all required materials. In nearly a year I was ready to pass the exam from German. Extra lessons were a necessity of course. Starting in September 2011, eight months before finals I had 4 hours of German weekly, my friends called me insane. I did not care about them. English and German were a key to start to learn Swedish or Norwegian or Dannish. For people from big cities it might be nothing special but I am not from metropoly, and from a town on south. Do not dare judging me.

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