The very first beginning

It is Thursday 10th of November 2011. My life will begin being a roller coaster, today. Thanks to my parents I will have an opportunity to see how Malmö University looks and works. Right Malmö this is city in Sweden just on the other side of Öresund Bridge. I decided to try get in that university. I was reading a lot about it in Internet, but it is not so real on the laptop screen. 

I will spend here almost 3 days. I want to go to the other side of that enormous bridge – Copenhagen – in Denmark. I will try to do my best to see as much as I can. Yes, and I made this plan. I have been in Lund, Helsingborg, Helsingør and Copenhagen. It was very intensive travell, but I enjoyed it so much that when I came back to Poland, was even more in love in Swedish culture and style of their life.




It was November and since then I was thinking only about going to Sverige. This trip give me so much strenght and possitive attitude that even problems with marks from History and Polish literature did not broke me down. Until May I did everything what I could to get the best results from final exams, but I must to wait till 29th of June to get results, only knew only results from speeking part. I was really nervous…

It was only one little thing to do. Pass on band 6.5 IELTS test, because like all foreign universities they do not accept Polish final exam from English like a proof of my knowledge level. I do found a preparatory course for this exam and spent whole Junes’ weekends in British Counsil in Cracow instead of trying to live my life, partying, drinking, getting more lazier. Stupid me, dreams first then fun. Learning new things, knowing structure of exam – it was not so easy. But what in life is easy ??? Tell me if you have an idea.

Just in middle of June I found out that I can go to Sweden for a month to kind of “friends”. I ended course. Received my Matura results ( they are quite good ) and on 30th of June I arrived to Sweden in the afternoon…


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