June preparations


So, as arrived to Malmö, Sweden; I have got to know all the list of rules and duties… Wasn’t that bad, most
of them

I already did quite good. I am coming from the household with shared duties, vaccuming, washing, cooking – is not such a BIG thing, that you might think.

And would be good and pleasant if not a the …

She, was young and kind of person that do not care much about house. Studying, working as a chef in kindergardens’ kitchen – not much free time.

He…old man, retired sailer, her “boyfriend”… needed “chef” and cleaner at home, to “HELP” his love of life…

Not so bad, hyh (?) … but after a time I felt that this for him not enough. Feeling… isn’t enough to say someone : – Hey! I am here not for that you think I am. I came to help your “girlfriend” and to find another job. I came to find a Au Pair job, not a cleaner part-time something. Unfortenately, I did not need to wait long, to hear that I am not so easy-going that he would wish me to be. – I am leaving for few days, but after this time I want you to be more smiley and kissable… What you would think if you were me then?

So I had got my point. We did talk with Magda… but she told me that he was just kidding.

Joke?!?!?! Nope.

So I had 3 days without stupid jokes, strange faces… and so on. I did enjoy travelling around Skåne province and I had a chance to visit again Copenhagen.


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