Everything would be beautiful still probably… if I only change my mind… But I didn’t…

The old man, unfortunately, came back earlier… and the other day I get information that it would be good for me if I would find another place to live or just simply buy ticket back home…

So, we have got an answer… was not enough what I was doing.

As I lived with them, I packed my bags and … fortunately got to contact another Polish woman, and we agreed that I will help her with her daughter while she is working, in exchange of bed, food and running water. She was pregnant so I thought even that I might stay here for longer than this 2 and a half week that I had to my booked flight back… I was soooooooooo wrong. I did my best ‘cos she was very nice about having me at her apartment. I even clean something, how to not help her in a favor. Her daughter liked me, I taught her a little bit of Polish as she did not talk so good it, was mixing a lot Swedish and Polish.

Almost perfect combination. Day by day, all good.

Suddenly, I found an Au Pair job at perfect houshold of Swedish-Danish family with 2 kids. I was interviewed, I visited their house and met all 4. After few days I got an answer that I am the one that the have choosen. I was soooo happy. My dream about learning Swedish, improving my English will finally have an actual begining. They required not much, just a 3rd pair of hands. Typical IKEA house (love them)… what I could ask more ? I could start by at the beggining of September just after the date of IELTS test…

6th of September 2012, Wizzair flight … I just needed to finish here.

Days were passing.

Until a got to “those womans’ days”… I was always suffering much, but this time I could not move at all.

Couldn’t feel my left leg, I had problems to walk… Not easy life, but always somehow I got though them, might say that I just got used to.

But work day, work’day in favor, isn’t school day – you can not just justify absence later. I did few things, then the girls went to grandmother so I had time off for a while.


Little one stayed at grandmas’ house.  My “boss” came back, we talk a little, like womens do sometimes.

Nothing, there was no indication that she has for me bad news. As she knew that I felt this day not really good, she asked me insolently, sorry but at this time was like this, if I do not mind, she would like me to leave because she got disappointed, and she do not want anymore my help…

What you would do?

I got a message, asked only why, what I did wrong… She has not have clear answear.

I went to my room. Started to cry. Called my mum that I need to go back home the best tomorrow.

She asked me to calm down, that we are going to look for a flight back…

Straight home, just left… next one in 3 days, on Tuesday…flight the nearest by time to homeland was the next day, on Sunday 22nd July to Gdańsk. I agreed with my mum that I rather like to pack my bags right now and go by train 12 hours, than to stay here on her grace until 24th… So she booked everything, I have just to tell this woman that I am leaving almost right away, in the morning.

Went to sleep at midnight on painkillers, got up at 8 a.m. and left so quick I only could.

She dare to say “sweet” GOODBYE, and wish me luck … wrrr!

At noon I was at the airport – tired, sad and … 😦


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