2 weeks

When on Monday 23rd, in the morning , finally, exhausted arrived home … I had no strenght to do anything. I was shaken and confused. My mum was this day at her sisters’ house so my uncle picked me up from the railway station.

At home there was waiting for me little surprise. I cheered up in 60 sek when I saw little daughter of my cousin. No matter I was falling asleep standing, I was so happy to see this little creature, that somehow

I found energy to play with her until afternoon. She was and still is the most smiley girl in the world I have got to know.

After, together with my mum, we went home. I slept until the evening of the next day.

Rest of the week I spent with my brother at playing, taking a photos, swimming … Lesuire.

During those days I have much time to think. So I analysed a little bit what I might do wrong, what I did right. I made list BAD/GOOD. Still, it was more that 50% things I did in a good way. I calld also my doctor, because what has happened wasn’t for sure normal… I got an appoitment for 3rd August 2012.

As the exam, the IELTS, was coming closer and closer – I started to study. Mostly doing lists of practical vocabulary and writing essays and charts analysis ‘cos this was my weakest side. The hardest part of test.

Friday, August the 3rd

The message was simple, if I want to know for sure what is happening “there”, she needs to sent me for preventive Laparoscopy… Operation – but, as she told me, – : “There is nothing to be scared about. It is simple surgery, one day, we will just see and maybe confirm that is endometriosis or some other ailment that trouble you. We will have situation clear, and you would take a right medication, and go get your dreams.” – I agreed.

She called her friend Dr. J. They set up everything, so I needed to come to the clinic on the 9th August, but first he interviewed me through phone. Then said that I need to have a diet for at least 3 days before operation.

Light food, drink much. So I ate like a crazy during the weekend and starting from Monday I was eating not much. Doctor said, you need to do.

Day of judgment

9th of August 2012

So I made it. I came at 7.00 to the clinic, with mum of course, support always needed.

We were 4 in the room. All for Laparoscopy. One of them was from capital, she came here because she heard that the man is one of the best in the counrty. The other already had before problems and now she came to endless her suffer. The 4th one was business woman. I think she was a lawyer or the judge. Unfortunately, we had not have much time to talk, and they were not so open to talk about their life, why they should be… we were supposted to be there one day only.

They told me that probably I will go 2nd. I was happy because I was very nervous. But they brought first woman, and they are not taking me, but the other… OK. Calm down, will be next. Second came asleep, and they again are not taking me, but the other… They said that there is something wrong with surgery room, not cleaned properly … No matter. I will wait. What I can do.

I was sooooo hungry. Because I haven’t ate anything since the day before. Noon. Still waiting.

13.13 – anesthesiologist came to ask last things, cheer me up, and we went for it.

Connected to all stuff, I saw only the needle coming to my hand… And then nothing.

After some time they woke me up… but I felt soooo bad. Everything hurt me inside. They said that it can be right now like this but after some time it will go. OK. But it hasn’t !!!!! It was even worst. I could not find a place for me on bed. No movement. Hurt so bad. They gave me painkillers. Better for a moment…then again

My mum was sitting by my side, worried, because the others after some time were feeling fine, but not me.

Around 15.00 the doctor came to ask how I am and the others. Announced one by one what he did and what was that. By me it was endometriosis. A lot of cells by my back. But he coagulate all of them so I should, after treatment, be healthy, because it is/was 1st stage. Nice, so I will be fine.

But it hurt like hell. When the doctor was about to leave … I started to vomit. He said that this might be after narcosis. Many of people have that. Doctor, knows better. How wrong he was.

I couldn’t sleep, or eat or drink. I should after few hours because then body is getting faster to recover.

What I drunk, went out; what I ate went out. And the stomach hasn’t stoped to hurt. Horrible day.

My mum went home, but she felt that something is wrong…

All night sleepless. Fever, pain, I was so tired of that. I was waking up my “rommies” because I suffer so much. Painkillers helped only for a while. Real nightmare.

Morning was not better. I was going to toilet every 30 minutes… I tried alone, but I was so weak that I couldn’t. My mum came just in time when the Dr. J. was visiting us, and I “run” to the toilet. It was my huge mistake to tell him that ones another doctor said that I am very sensible for pair. He sticked to that…

He decided that I can stay one day more, because he do not think that I am able to “survive” travel 100 km back home. Alle women went home, with less pain or no pain. And I was green on face.

Friday was… I did not really feel that is anoter day. Still could not eat or drink. Feeling worst and worst.

Good for me I had TV-set in room and it was time of Olympic Games 2012 in London, so I had something other to concetrate on. The way bed -> toilet was mastered till perfection 😦 …

Evening and the night were 10 times worst nightmare that the other night.

In the morning the doctor said that he can not do anything about it. There are some peope who feel like that after narcosis. He gave me papers and my mum take me home on Saturday 11th 2012. At home still was getting worst. I vomited with something green…again and again. In the night I have not sleep at all.

On Sunday I felt better but I had no appetite. My grandparents visited me, they were sorry about me, but my granfather said that women this days are to sensible. That we can not stand any pair, that we complain to much… We had huge quarell. He left resentful.

In the evening with my parents and brother we watched the closing ceremony of Olympic Games 2012…

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