Isn’t 13 bad luck number ?

On Monday 13th August 2012 I woke up without energy, what is not exactly how I usually behave when I am “healthy”…

My mum decided to drive me to the nearest hospital, which was in Wadowice. I almost faint, what for person of weight 74 kg and always full health was unusual. They took me on branch of gynecology.

In one hour they did to me all the necessary checks. And what… They give me catheter, cannula – again and the gastric probe… Perfect. All, almost, at ones.

Check out. Sleep. Check out. Sleep. Then my mum came after I wrote her in the message what they installed in me. She was going around, asking for information, begging for some news – but they did not know what is it. Staying at the hospital would not be so scary if the public opinion of this hospital would not be so tragic and negative. “Province best dying place” … Isn’t that scary ?

Around early evening I started to scratch myself on arms and hips… I started to be red… rush?! no…

They did another chech out… and the probe went out…2 times in 3 hours …On the 3rd time stayed…

I was a little bit unconscious. I raved… And still vomiting.

The night I do not remember, I know that the doctor let my mum stay for a night… and that I was getting more and more red. I was also very very warm…but I did not had any fever. At 2 a.m. they took me by ambulance to another building to make CT… When they dosed me this liquid, I was soo nice warm…

Until I got another attack of cough and sickness. Did what they was about to do and drive me back to “my” building. The rest of the night… I only remember the particles of talks. – “We should take her now on the “table””… – “We do not know how she will be in the morning…”


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