the DAY

In the morning I was a wreck of a human. Around 7.30 a.m. they came to inform me that they will operate on me…Remarkable.

Imagine. You’re 19. Just came from lovely trip, you thought that you have your life in your hands. Contract, course, studies, life… And suddenly…Boooom. Cheers let’s drink for luck.

One of the doctors’ came to the room and ask me if I can sign all papers. OK. What’s in? That in case of your intestine will be dameged to bad we would have your consent that we can instal stoma … Whaaaaat ?

I started to cry panicaly. I couldn’t stop. Why me? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

I signed everything. Had no other option.

At 9 a.m. they took me, after all preparations… I was exhausted.

3 hours later… maybe more I woke uu with horrible pain in my stomach. After I get things together… looked on stomach all in plaster and bandage … but nothing above…ufff. No stoma.

This was the 14th August, until 30th I stayed at the hospital.

Sleepless nights, nausea, complications, pneumonia, fungal inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract … dozens of holes after venflons, 10 kg less, purple-pink arms…learning how to walk, how to stand straight, balance…

On 23rd August, after almost 3 weeks of no eating and no drinking – finally got something to have in my mouth. Crying to the plate from happiness, I caused worries of the doctors… they did not know whats going on. 2 days later I got the news that maybe 4 to 5 days and they will let me go home…Such a great thing to hear. Few days later they took out few of the stitches. 30th in the morning around 8:30 head of doctors said that I am good enough to finally release treir bed…joker. Next day he asked me to come for a visit and to change the bandage.

On following Monday, he removed all the stitches, but the bandage needed to stay due to liquids comeing out of little holes that still where visible. But all was going to be good…

He do not know, but on 12th of September, on my birthday, I went for shopping… Beeing home was healing me much faster than who ever could think… New shoes and dress where just perfect for better humor. 🙂


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