Getting better…Autumn until Winter.

September was still full of sleepless nights. I was afraid of turnin’ on my belly…this was my favourite sleep position earlier. Lack of muscles was making more and more difficult any movement, I needed help from somebody to sit on the bed, and then to stand up to go to the toilet, for a “walk”… Like a BABY!

Life was going ahead so did I. I applied for studies in Cracow. Dreams about Sweden went away, just like my health. So I choose Geography and European Studies, but due to complication with schedules I stayed only with European Studies. As I got into Jagiellonian University this programme was always known as an exclusive for the best of the best in this field. I do not say I did not like it. I was just bored on most of lectures. Boredom was not indicated to me at this time, so I took addicionally evening classes at Brithish Counsil, because at the first year of my studies where no foreign language… I took a part in it till Christmas.

During Christmas I made the decision to leave the studies and I found job as au pair in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The New Years Eve I spent with my friends from high school, this was something that I needed, partying.

On 15th January, went by train to Warsaw for a morning flight following day. 16th-20th January 2013 I stayed by my future host family, then I came back only for 48 hours to buy missing stuff, pack myself for 6 months and to go back by “the same” train for “the same” flight back to Sweden.

3 kids. full trust of the parents. car at my disposal. Swedish course. trying to get my life back.







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