Second semester

Lots of studying.

Had a great time during electives – Hospitality / Event Management / Event Planning. Bunch of practical activities, during which I learned more than from learning about it. 🙂

First of all I went through a lot of meetings with people from industry, who gave us good overview of the industry and how it works in day by day life.

Then we had to be event managers for volounteering assignment which took place at #bellacenter in #Copenhagen. Huge conference center in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Event was for a cause, there were money rised during the party, so we needed to be professional while decorating the venue… Clear – big money, no cheep design… The theme was Havanna Nights, so plenty of colorful stuff, old Cuban cars etc.

In the end we went through the evacuation training on the ferry of DFDS in Copenhagen harbour. Life vests, alarms, lines, slide… the whole amazing process conducted in professional way.

What a lesson!

Apart of electives we had continued project making. Some analysis, market research, segmentation…

All what you need to know before you settle your business for good.

We ended second semester in the middle of May, with creative module where we were ask to prepare teaching sessions for fellows… Triky one, especialy when you have your finals coming…

Summing up – It was tought, it was hard, but I would not change it for anything else…because there isn’t anything in life that comes easily.

PS. I got a job!


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