Internship day

I did not mentioned, that I begun an internship, did I?

I am doing it at my work place, which is dental clinic in Central Copenhagen. I am doing this and that, mainly trying to learn responsibilities of the receptionist… Yeah, no, this should be like this…

But the reality is that right now I am kind of helping in the clinic more…Later I will have summer with my old responsibilities… What means being a nanny…I am starting to think that I am good at taking care of children…

While talking about better things, I am booked for 4 days in July for a train trip to Stockholm and Oslo!

Soooo excited and sooo happy!

I have been in Oslo in 2013, when I was au pair in Gothenburg, Sweden, but just for a one, literally one day. Made lots of photos, so I kinda’ remember city through my camera. This time I have 1 and a half day, haha.

And Stockholm, never been, heard a lot of good opinions, will see if true. But I assume in Scandinavia there is NO bad looking city nor capital city.

oh… and after today I decided to change my profession! I will become a dentist! haha. Just kidd’in.

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