Scandinavian Train Tour 2015 1.1

Even though not all my year plan is going as I supposed, main goals stayed stable. so…

In May/June, I decided that I will finally go and see Stockholm and come back to Oslo to explore it more. In June, I was lucky enough to find cheep tickets (usually price that I paid for return ticket, is price for a single one) to Trondheim, halfish way to the North Cape, where sun in up most of the day.

Few years ago, my mum visited that region and recommended it to me, so I was super stocked to see this town “up there”.

On 20th July punctually at 18.36, packed into medium sized backpack and loads of excitment, I departed from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Five hours of breathtaking swedish landscape in the constant sunset, as I was going up to North.

The night in the capital city of Stockholm wasn’t booked, as I decided that I can survive 8,5h at the train station/McDonalds/etc. However, at the train station company wasn’t very SAFE, so I went to explore city by night.

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As you can see, on the horizon there is still light, even though is around 1 A.M. Little night sightseeing, (view from the street between Royal Castle and Parliament towards Kings Gardens (Kungsträdgården) and then I happen to find 24h McDonald – what is very random in Scandinavia – so I spent there rest of the time until the sunrise at 2:55.

Beautiful? Isn’t it? I must admit that this is crazy early time to discover the city, but the light just killed everything. I felt like in a fairytale (view from Slussen towards Skeppsholmsbron and Djurgården).

When I got closer to the center, and the light was even more magical, yeah hard to believe, decided that this was my spot to eat breakfast (3.15 A.M.).

Later, I went around on Skeppshomlsbron to see the city from the other perspective and then to Nybrohamnen from where I could see why the richest people of Stockholm have apartments along Strandvägen…

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As it was little before 5 A.M., and I was getting tired of lack of sleep, next destination was Centralstation – main train station in Stockholm… On the way I grabed a cup of coffee and went throught Kungsträdgården, next to the Royal Opera trying to follow my steps back, as I did not own a map, apart of few screen shoots of Google Maps of overall Gamla Stan (The Old Town) and area of T-Centralen.


At 7.58 there was train to Oslo waiting for me at the platform. Another lakes, green landscapes and forests…


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