Scandinavian Train Tour 2015 1.2

I did not realise that five and a half hour journey can be that exhausting, but on the other hand I did not sleep through the night, so let’s blame on it.

I knew that I have less than 15 min to change trains at Oslo S – Oslo main train station – so I hoped that Scandinavian punctuality will not let me down. It was close that it would. Train from Stockholm after crossing the Swedish-Norwegian border stopped 5 times to “exchange” track with other train, so at final stage, while arriving to Oslo S it was 13:54 … I would like to mention that Oslo S is not a small object, and the only board on which you can check and see departures and platforms, is inside in very middle and it’s HUGE.

Against everything – 7 min “break” to change trains; long que on escalator and the fact that my train was departing from platform 15, so one of the very last ones… I made it, and at 14:00 boarded train and sat on my place.

Next 10 min, I spent fanning myself with my tickets’ folder. But, I was never more happier, I was going to see beauty of Norwegian nature all way up to Trondheim for next almost 7 hours. Yeah!

For my neighbour/partner in crime, while this travel I have had a eldery woman in great shape and health. I would never guessed that she was 75 years old.

We began our conversation from the reason why we are on this practicular train. I told her about my plans to see the landscape of Sweden and Norway in best possible way and my visit to Trondheim, Oslo and Stockholm. I mentioned also that I study in Denmark and that previously I lived in Sweden, too.

She was retired. Widow. When she turned 60, after her loss of husband, she decided that she will travel the world – and she sure does. She told me, about her travels to Argentina, Uruguay (My dream!), Canada, Nepal (hiking!), RPA (Safari!), her visits to European countries and North Africa… but she just killed it, when she mentioned, after a while, that she has been to Svalbard!

What a woman!

I told her little about myself, my plans, my goals, my travels.

As you might know in Norway there are few official dialects of language, main are Bokmål and Nynorsk. She was born and raised in Bergen, so her mothertongue was Nynorsk, but as from proffesion she have been a teacher, there was no problem for her to speak Bokmål either.

I noticed that as we talked, she puts Norwegian words into our conversation. I suggested, that she might try speak to me in Norwegian. I did not realised even when she swaped. It turned out that Norwegian, Bokmål, is very similar to Swedish and I can understand majority of what she was talking about.

When she realised that and I asked to tell me about history of the language in Norway, there appeared never ending story about how Norwegians traided with Germans and Danes, how they migrated to Iceland…etc. It was a pleasure to listen to her…in Bokmål. She gave me a shot of Nynorsk, and it sounded just like Danish!

We talked and talked. And those are the views that surrounded us on the way up to the North.



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