Scandinavian Train Tour 2015 1.7


I have mixed feelings when it is about capital city of Sweden.

I have spent there almost 2 days – 1 ful, one afternoon and 2 nights. From one side it has cosy and colorful oldcity, that you can not get enough with. Little streets, hills up and down, hiden restaurants. Then there is Djurgården, quite big island in the middle of the city with a lot of green areas, theme parks, museums and Royal Castle. I did not have enough time to walk around it, but next time I surely will.

There is plenty of bridges, stairs, boats as Stockholm lies on quite a few islands.

But the thing that I could hear the metro going through the bridge every minute, was quite annoying.

I will say, that the bast way to see the best of Stockholm is to go on boat sightseeing. Water makes everything less crowdy and industrial. There you can discover this MAGIC, that they talk about.

What I enjoyed the most are the museums! There are so many of them, and all important for the history of Europe either World. The Vasa museum, ABBA museum, Nobel museum…Amazing.


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