Finally, I got some more sleep than 5 hours and a free moment to tell you about my one day trip to Aarhus.

I bought tickets spontaneously, little more than a week before. I got to see on Facebook that DSB (Danish Railway) is going on summer sale, so I decided to check what routes are discounted.

It turn out that I can travel to Aarhus for a day on price of 198 DKK what is a half-price of a normal one-way ticket – quite an opportunity. I could not resist it!

Weather forecast for Sunday was suprisingly good. Time of the journey is about 3,5 h one-way, not that bad, after my July expedition. So here we go, Aarhus (spelled O-hus…how I love Danish!).

At 8.00 train left Copenhagen, and according to the schedule I should be in Aarhus at cirka 11.15. Some delays always happen, but this time I did not care, my return train was leaving at 22.00, so I had plenty of time to walk the city across and back.

I knew that there is another bridge alike Oresund Bridge, between Zeland and Fyn, but…hahah… I did not check that train line is below the sea… I got quite suprised when train went into the darkness and then on the bridge, which was not that high abrove the see level… I saw pylons after train turned to Nyborg, and checked Google Maps to ensure myself. Shame, next time I need to go there with the car …hahah.

I heard from my Danish friends, that most of Denmark is all about fields…and they were right!

I must say that Aarhus makes a good first impresion. Clean, colorful and on Sunday most of shops are closed! It shall be so in smaller cities that are not so over crowded with tourists, all people need at least ONE day OFF for a WEEK.

I begin to walk down with Ryesgade in direction Aaboulevarden. Aaboulevarden is to me as Nyhavn in Copenhagen, but much longer and less crowded, with a lot of small well designed bridges which make it very attractive. Unless, you do not find stairs down, as I did, I walk towards Aarhus Cathedral and turn into Sankt Clemens Torv (Saint Clemens Square), to finally get to Magasin and Aaboulevarden. I am impressed with the architecture in the city. Everything looks better in Aahus.


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