EXPO Milan 2015

What an experience it was!

My mouth is full of expresions…and as always I have a problem to put them in words.

I met people from allover the world! Mostly Italians, but I gained also a Swiss girlfriend, Slovenian girlfriend, Persian friends (oh, God how I miss them!), Pakistanian, one from China/USA…

We spent in my opinion the most intensive 15 days in the way that I would not even imagine. We laughed, we talked, we enjoyed time on the site and off the site, we teased eachother… Main point of everyday was a celebration of LUNCH, yeah!, lunch was our stopover when we talked and smiled even more…and Italian food made some of it, too. The best one to unite people from diffrent cultures and backgrounds.

We worked hard. 5-6 hours of standing mostly in one place distributing maps and giving directions to the visitors in 5 languages. We cooperated better than I would imagine. I was in duty of German, Polish and English-speaking visitors; Cristina – an energy bomb with tons of enthusiasm everyday – French, Spanish, Italian and English; Saeid – Italian, English and occasionaly Persian; Sayeed – English, Italian and Urdu; Yu – English and Chinesse; Jerca – Italian, Slovenian, Spanish and English… others mainly spoken English, Italian and Spanish/French…We made a dream team!

EXPO itself is a great opportunity to see the values and advantages of every participating country. See the culture, main trade sourses, tourism opportunities and much more. Experience is wide and complex, but it does not overwhelme either visitor or employee. It has additional value that you can not get anywhere else.

I have learned a lot, I needed to pass a lot. Thanks to my friends even when I got sick, I had enough strenght to accompany them. I could not imagine not to be with them and not to share all those beautiful moments. Each of them had something special inside, something to tell.

Saying “Goodbye” was like a mistery, because even though we agreed on re-union in Florence in November, we do not really know if and when we will meet, as each of us got its life and problems back, what causes adversity to our dreamed plans.

What’s left is to wish for the best and hope everything will end up well in the end.

DSC04243 IMG_0002 IMG_0006 IMG_0019 IMG_0020

IMG_0021 IMG_0040 IMG_0095 IMG_0104 IMG_3959 IMG_4010 IMG_4013 IMG_4029 IMG_4134 IMG_4258 IMG-20150916-WA0006_resized


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