Buonasera Torino

I was literally dead, when I arrived to Turin, Italy. I have departed from Bad Gleichenberg on Thursday at 18.15 and I arrived to my friend apartment around 14 next day, I have had 2 hours break at Milano Centrale, so I had the chance to refresh myself and change. Of course I drunk a coffee too!

I needed some sleep, so we went out when it was already dark(ish). It gave me great overview who lives in Turin, I promise! City with lots of students and artists. I have been told that there are many art academies in the city, as well as museums, but what I noticed the most were all kinds of posters advertising movie festivals, music events and other happenings that I do not see that often to happen in Copenhagen for example.

We have passed the city through on our feet as I could not resist the light and it magical atmosphere. Had some wine and chocolate on the way… Just enjoyed time together.

IMG_0078 IMG_0081 IMG_0085


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