Buongiorno Torino

Good morning! Hope you are having calm Sunday… I can see that it began to snow in Europe, so excited about that. I just love snow and skiing, hopefully I will manage to go skiing once while being here in Austria…Maybe during December…

Coming back to my tour through Italy, where I have spent 2 amazing days in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Day no 2 happen to begin with “brunch” at arabic restaurant…yes, I realize that I was in Italy, but my friend is from Iran and as I very rarely eat anythig from Middle East cuisine, I was more than happy.

Afterwards, there was a plan to visit Mole Antonelliana, but an hourly queue to get on top was not our goal. I convinced him that we can climb one of the hills on the other side of the river, and the view should be the same. I was right!

Monte dei Cappuccini, that’s the place. The view was breathtaking, you couldn’t unfortunately see the Alps (what a dissapointment!), but the sun came out, so the fog wasn’t disturbing that much in taking panorama photos. Next we met our friend and went towards Parco del Valentino. Sighseeing, walking, talking and singing… Such a great time! In the end, we came back to Centro, central part of Turin, and walk a bit around. I am impressed in how good condition are all the monuments!

Next stop, Milano for breakfast, Monza for lunch and Lugano (Swizerland) for dessert. Ciao!


DSCN2967 DSCN2973 DSCN2982 DSCN2989

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