Sunday on the border

Sunday that I have spent in Italy was under the sign of trips – small ones, but those are the most joyful

Departed from Turin early in the morning, to have a breakfast in Milan with my two other friends, ones from EXPO Milan 2015. We went to the caffee close to the Porta Garibaldi and had Italian breakfast over there. I needed litres of esspresso as I fall asleep at 3 o’clock and woke up at 6, tough.

Afterwards, me and Ele went by train towards Monza. Beautiful small town situated NE from Milan, mostly known from Formula 1 Grand Prix. Cosy, with houses in all kinds of facade design.

For lunch we grabbed some kind of pizza pie, I forgot the Italian name…As always… Next was Swiss.

As I have never been to Swizerland, I was quite excited, another country on the counter, hurray! We had some problems with direct connection, because of railway constructions, but out of sudden we got there.

Lugano, town situated by the lake named the same name – (it.) Lago di Lugano, based between mountain hills. I have only once seen that many stairs down, and it was from the cliff in Denmark!

Well, but the views speak from themselves. I had a great time walking around with the coastline and in the park.

Overnight in Imberssago, hosted by Ele.

IMG_0061 IMG_0102 IMG_0137 IMG_0106

DSCN2994 DSCN3015 DSCN3016 DSCN3019 — kopia DSCN3029 DSCN3032 DSCN3054


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