Buongiorno Milano!

It was mine 3rd time in Milan in those days, but first when I have had time for sighseeing and to get gelato!. I love ice creams, especially Italian gelato. It’s creamy, fresh and have a taste of the main ingridient… in my case is usually chocolate, hazelnut or any of fruit flavours.

First of all, I visited Milan Cathedral as during September I had no time to do it and the queues were definitely too long. It is breattaking ouside, but inside…even better.

Then I walked through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and noticed certain abnormality. A queue…


I laughed a lot.

As I still had plenty of time until departure of my train to Florence, I have decided to visit La Scala. I thought that only museum will be open, but… I got lucky and fitted in time of “no rehersal”, so I could see the concert hall itself from the balcony. What a view!

DSCN3098 DSCN3114 DSCN3121 DSCN3129 DSCN3145 DSCN3154


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