Christmas time

According to the tradition of FH Joanneum in Bad Gleichenberg, in the last week before Christmas there is a Christmas Party organized by students. First of all I thought it will be a normal dinner where students and teachers take part it. How much I was wrong…

Huge fete, with the evening dress code, a performance, dinner and reception. Amazing happening!

Everyone was dressed up, behaved as we would attend a some kind of university ball, all topped up with a celebrity wall to shoot those elegant and those crazy photos… Dreamed idea!

We have had a great time together and I shall admit that we have not been asorted as Erasmus students, what made the whole experience a lifetime memory that will be hard to beat!

12362782_1131445936867235_6029933031425001277_o 12366005_1131445923533903_5029874243963096896_o 12375211_1131465733531922_5731517978871391834_o


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