So here I am, again. I am apparently not a person who can write day by day or even week by week. As my life came back to constant, I do not have even so much to write about. However, I cannot call my life boring, that is for sure.

Year 2016 began as it is in my dreams for every coming year to begin with best friends, great company and lots of adventures that create great memories. As you know I have had marvelous time in Zagreb with my friend Miha, it still comes to moments of nostalgy when I look through the photos. I am looking forward summer and my visit back to Zagreb.

As for now, I am back in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a hectic time with a way to many exams that was held on two different universities and in two academic systems… Well, I made it through, but I have had no time in between to rest and restart my organism, what I can feel now with everyday passing by and my body telling me that is too tired to do anything. Life is a struggle.

I left Austria on 18 January, and I am sad ever since. Yes, true, I have decided to come back, but the fact that there we were all as a big and happy family is missing, is killing me. Seriously, I even created a motivation wall with best quotes and pictures from my stay abroad to somehow have them every morning with me. I don’t know, if I have ever wrote here how I was against going to Bad Gleichenberg in May 2015, when I received the decision… I think that I would be the most stupid person, if I would not decide to spend those 5 months in this amazing town. They have created in me feeling of person who can achieve everything she wants. It is there a rule that students are ambitious. You can say it is because I was an Erasmus, and they treated us differently. No, they treated us as full-time students – independent, responsible for they own schedules. We were there adults, not children.

During the exam week, I was so stressed that I do not remember most of things that I have learned. I have had 4 exams, a presentation and few essays to write. To much work-overload as for me. I made it, and as I can see quite well, what is a huge surprise for me, because I thought, I will not manage to leave with such good grades. I laugh, that when the transfer comes to Copenhagen, my university will definitely ask me, if I have had fun, because from grades it seems like I studied most of time. 🙂

It is weird to be back in Copenhagen, it’s like deja vu. The worst part is that I have went with my living standard from luxury in Austria to acceptable in Copenhagen… I am so disappointed about the dorm conditions, however I do not need to worry about accommodation until June, so it’s kind of mind comfort. At the university the year begun already 3 weeks before I came, so I needed to keep up. Next on schedule was Culture and Communication exam, which I studied for the whole 2 days, as I still had online course to finish from Austria… Having 2 universities at one time is VERY challenging and it brings you crazy. I can tell.

Now, now exams are passed, with very good results, so I am satisfied. One and only thing is that with university, job and planning for RIO 2016 time goes so fast that I am missing my social life… I just miss all those minutes of time spent together, which here in Copenhagen is impossible to achieve.

Unil April I need to focus on finishing last assignments, and then it will be a little bit less chaotic, as until 1 June I will have time to write my final assignment and then graduate my AP Degree program.

Wishing myself to survive this time in the best possible condition. Cannot wait spring and warm!

IMG_0924 IMG_0928 IMG_0934 IMG_0944 IMG_0956 IMG_0965 IMG_1003 IMG_1054 IMG_1064 IMG_1117 IMG_1146 IMG_1157 IMG_1170 (1) IMG_1218 IMG_1225 IMG_1226 IMG_1240 (1) IMG_1302 IMG_1355 IMG_1361 IMG_1376 IMG_1395 IMG_1464


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