Quick decisions

How do I plan my trips?

I usually don’t. It is a spontaneous decision from day to day, however if it is always dependable on the weather. I don’t like to walk around in rain nor in 30 degrees hot day. I am quick at finding the information, that is for sure, and I am not afraid of going around without a map – at least in Scandinavia.

What I do beforehand is a screen shoots of Google Maps of places/areas I want to see. Sometimes it takes time at the place, but this way I can explore more on the way, not knowing exactly what I can see.

It was the same this time šŸ™‚ I bought tickets yesterday, after I got home from the final exam, and I decided to have a 24 hour trip. I have chosen to fly in at the late evening, have a sleepless night and come back in the evening of the following day, so I could work the day after, haha. All schedules on hours. now I am at the airport, waiting for the boarding.

I will get to know in the morning, where did I chose to go to.




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