Paper Island life

How not to hate your job?

There are three things that need to suit you: money, people and available food. Paper Island (Papirøen) is good to work under those circumstances, however it always could be better – money wise. I work at so called Copenhagen Street Food at the stall called Surf&Turf Burger or Meat Art. Basically the concept is about different style of fast food, I am making burgers with sea food or salmon, or a meat based sandwiches with various kinds of toppings – from salty, umami to sweet. It is a good place to train yourself at customer service and small talks, moreover you can see, if you are quick and precise. There is a HIGH level of stress, as customer watch your back 100% of the time – before, during and after the service. Tough one, but you can learn a lot.

Place from the picture is our spot for re-gaining strength during the shift. 5 minutes of meditation.



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