Afternoon walks

How long does the student vacations last in Denmark?

By enjoying, as always, my usual route to Klampenborg, I thought that maybe it is time for me to plan some trips for this summer. As I have my brother here, and I do work few days a week in order to fill in the regulations for the social help/scholarship, is does not mean I cannot enjoy partly my summer vacations.

In Denmark, academic year usually starts with the last week of August. And it finishes at the beginning of June, for the last exam session which lasts for the whole June. This year looked for me as following:

21st January – Came to Denmark

25th January – Classes begun for me, for my fellows last already for 2,5 week

first week of February – examination session

last week of March – examination session

April&May – time for creation of thesis

27th May – deadline for hand-out of thesis

June – examination session

13th June – exam

1st July – Top-up bachelor results – admission

30th August – kick-start of the year


We can say it is different as at the casual university, more complex, but due to this you get to prepare properly, and then you have enough time for the rest before the next adventure (academic year) begin.

So far we decided to explore the Zealand further, and definitely visit Malmö again, after 5 years (as for my brother). Hope you enjoy your working or non-working holidays!





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