Hello August

How to gain more motivation in August?

1. My goal for this month is to finally begin to exercise. As I am low on money, morning power walks, running, swimming and exercises on my gym ball need to be enough. The goal is to get more fit, however I also need to lose some weight. Wish for 12 kg, but with my love and addiction to the food, it will be a hard battle. I wish to go vegetarian way, however I like fish and turkey, so I want to do exception for those two. As for my passionate love to sweets… I want to replace them with fruit, dates and figs. Nuts and seeds will keep my snacks more protein-wise. I will probably begin my more healthy journey after my brother leaves, in order to minimize distractions.

2. There is also some Time Perspective Conference going on, I will most probably help as a volunteer in preparations and the process. Hoping for some networking, maybe internship/job opportunities. Will see – check it here!

3. With 23rd August, my Buddy Programme begins. I will assist my Austrian friends in their Erasmus experience here in Copenhagen at my university. I am very much looking forward seeing them and showing them around. That will be a great time, I am sure!

4. Do some more traveling in Denmark. As the sale begins for train tickets, I am thinking about going on Fanø one more time, I want also to see Aalborg and Odense. We will see how I will fit them in time.

5. Begin my new academic year full of energy, good motivation and positive attitude.


Fanø, Jutland, Denmark





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