Rainy days

How are my last days with my brother?

Quite unscheduled and weather-wise lazy. It was this kind of weather, when you should have a wind/rain waterproof jacket all day long on you, but at the same time you would get crazy with the temperature change.

Since I had my day shift on Thursday, I came back very much tired, and actually all confused with planning, hence I thought it’s the next day. On Friday we went for a ice cream tour, it was supposed to be a Magnum Store, but due to my evening shift, we have had time only to go to the nearest best ice cream shop.

Paradise it’s a Danish chain located in majority of towns and cities in Denmark. They have great quality and taste ice cream, traditional, fruit one, and lactose free once.

We have had: me (Oreo, Passion fruit and Elderflower), my brother (Hazelnut, Coffee with Chocolate and Strawberry).

Now it is Saturday, we have spent some time on packing, but due to my tiredness – I have watched opening ceremony of RIO2016 – we did not do much, just went to the beach and enjoy the pretty evening.




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