life day by day

How to plan a day?

I am good at planning, however when the days as nowadays are coming, I have a hard time to motivate myself to go out and do some exercise. I prefer to do some searching and read a book, as I have finally time for that, and to is not academic literature.

On Monday, I decided to make a kick-start of the week with the 8 km morning walk, and as I put on me quite fast tempo, I am felling my legs until now.  The views were amazing, and all the kindness of Danes I met on the way… Appreciation of nature and your choice to enjoy it. They are quite a crazy nation, and they swim in the sea all year round, few minutes, but no matter the water temperature. Respect!

On Tuesday, I gave myself a slow morning day, due to Olympics, but foremost because I worked in the afternoon. I don’t like to stand a lot before work, because 5,5 hour is enough, and I usually don’t have opportunity to sit at all, until I get on public transportation to get home. Since I am trying to find another job, I looked up some possibilities and have sent few applications, nevertheless I can see that Danes don’t really like to get applications in English on Danish positions… but what can I do, I will not lie about my Danish writing skills, because it might just make it worst in the end. Honesty is a key, most of times.

Today, Wednesday, I am quite OK, my legs hurt a bit, but I got used to it. Ate some oatmeal on rice milk and dark cacao, toping it with raisins and banana. Yummy. Got my forest fruit tea, and sat by my computer. I have few bloggers and vloggers, I follow, so I always have some time looking on the newsfeed. It is quite fun to see, how much committed those people are to their fans, while having fun. Now, it is time to sent out few applications – mixed type gastro jobs/office jobs/kindergarten jobs (yes, I think about getting back to children part, as long as job position will be stable)… It is so hard too find a good job, when your name is too long and too difficult to say… At 16:00, I have a meeting in the city with the organization of Time Perspective Conference (here!) and we are about to discuss my role and tasks. I am a bit concerned, but should be a lot of fun. Depends how long the meeting will take, I should try to make for some Olympic Games watching… It kind of become my routine during last weeks, but I like to see how it all works – shame I could not make it to be there personally…


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