Pumpkin heaven

How to make a pumpkin cream soup?

This is one of the meals that I learned during my stay in Styria. Styria is one of the biggest producers and exporters of pumpkins, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil. I was taught that the best way to make it, and to have it from all what is good, its to cut it through into small/medium cubes, of course by peeling the pumpkin first. I recommend to do it manually with a very sharp knife.

Insert the flesh into the medium size top, then pour cold water inside, so it cover in 90% pieces of pumpkin. Add veggie cube for taste, and boil slowly, until pumpkin is floppy. Use hand blender or the standing one. I have the glass jar – standing one, I bought year ago.

As I want to mix my pumpkin with mango, I added it beforehand on the bottom, then I pour slowly the water from the top, in oder to put my pumpkin pieces slowly in the glass jar. When you manage to fit all the products in the blender jar, mix it slowly on low movement, and then add them gradually, until you see the smooth consistence.

Pour it back to the top, put it on low temperature on the stove, add pinch of muscat powder, then pepper.

Keep it for 10 min on low heat, in order for seasoning to go through the cream.

That’s it – Enjoy!




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