How does the preparation of the conference goes by?

Thing is that I am so much confused about everything, that I have no idea what exactly is my role. Yesterday, I have been on the round tour through the location of the conference, which is happening during the next week. Majority of the happenings will take place at Nørrebrohallen and Osramhuset, two among few others localizations belonging to the community of Nørrebro district.

Nørrebro is a very specific district of Copenhagen – you either love it or avoid it. It is a multicultural area, where majority of the locals come from Middle East, Arab countries or Africa. Quite a mix. It is known for cheep shops, fresh fruit from arabic kiosks and unfortunately a bit violent record.

I am not an often visitor there, since I prefer to avoid any kind of misunderstandings between cultures. So honestly speaking, it was my first time at Nørrebro, when I got to walk it through.

I found it very interesting and diverse.





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