Weekly update

How successful was the conference?

In the terms of people and happenings, I am surprised how well it went. We have had only few delays, and some misunderstandings. When it is about technical support… it has to be improved. We didn’t have strictly technical focused person, what made the whole process much more stressful. Logistically that would be half/half, due to the good supply from the side of Nørrebrohallen management. From the side of organizers, next time the venues need to have signs and directions, or support of the “runners” who would be the guides in between. Food and beverages were great quality and tasty, the thing that was missing is supply of the eating surfaces like plates and cutlery, I imagine the participants weren’t expecting plastic supplies.

Secondly, bigger number of volunteers shall be organized, and put into the planning much earlier than 2-3 weeks before the event, in order to be familiar with participants and daily happenings.

Thirdly and lastly, I am amazed that it all worked out well, and that the team can call it a success. I am thrilled myself that I had the opportunity to try myself in real and use my skills in order to make the event happen. I am thankful for every hour, even the stressful once, but all in all I want to thank all the volunteers, my new friends, for being such an awesome team! I loved every minute of it!







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