Study start

How to plan the time, while you study?

Since I study and work part-time at the same time, I have those moments, where I cannot find the time to relax or things that are time consuming.

I try my best to post every now and then on the blog, however sometimes I do not feel like writing either I have no n’random information to share. I imagine to have a page where the content including notes of my hobbies, daily life and traveling. Nevertheless, it is hard for me to get used to new routines.

Past week was quite a difficult one, since I got sick and didn’t have time to recover from it. I was working through the weekend, then university begun, and then another weekend came. I still don’t feel 100% good, but who cares 😀

I rush through the days, as those people in the cars to get home in the evening. Not able to notice anything.

Rushing along the life. #workhardorgohome #copenhagen #københavn #denmark

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