Danish fall

Clocks got changed for an hour, leaves are no longer green…

But I don’t care, seeing all those colours in one place is magical and I really fall in love with this landscape. Pictures from above come from the park situated 10 minutes walk from the place I live. Since this weekend was very sunny I couldn’t resist to go and see how does it look at this time of the year – I already saw it partly in winter, then in blumming spring and finally summer.

That is my second autumn in Denmark, since last year at this time I was in Austria doing my Erasmus semester. And I am wondering, if the Fall two years ago just passed so quick through or it wasn’t as beautiful as this year… memory fades for some details unfortunately. It is really amazing to see how the city and the area around it changes with the seasons. So far my favourites will be summer and fall, with small exception for cherry blossom in April (such a beauty!). I haven’t spent much winter time in Copenhagen, and the one from 2 years back I recall very stressful and full of disappointment, so I do hope this years winter time will be magical as they describe it.

Hope you had wonderful, hangover free (not in my case) weekend and you are ready to face Monday again!


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