Last week

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School keeps me busy, and since I do not have that much time nor fairly good weather available, I keep forgetting about posting every second day, as I would wish. So far I can tell you, that I have experienced a lot of colorful autumns, but this one, here on Zealand took my breath away.

Number of shades and colors is just impossible to catch with the camera, no matter what you do. This whole experience being surrounded by trees, each and every in different color. During past week, I have had a chance to go to Charlottenlund and go around the palace park. If you follow my Instagram, you could see I have found one of the most coziest cottages in the middle of the forest just above a pond. Dreamy location! I would sat there for a while if not the cold going on in the air. Last week was quite a chilly one in here, winter jackets, gloves and hats are already in the use on daily basis… hahah.

School wise, I am not happy of my performance lately, I could not focus after my come back from Poland. Due to that I have done some serious thinking, and I think that even though my Danish life is complicated and gives me hard time from time to time, here as a matter of fact, I am motivated and happy. After my come back, my friends were asking me where am I, the “me” one, because the person sitting next to them is not the same they know. I guess, after nearly 4 years of living abroad and continuous movement, the time has finally come to realize I feel good here – out in the world, on my own with my crazy life and friends , whose support me in making decisions.

One of the funniest things at the moment is, that I start to feel good here, slowly like home. Since 21st January living with almost same people, living a life with them and around them, we are becoming a family.

I can see with time going by, that this life makes sense. However there are still some parts missing in it…


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