TBT: Bergen

One of the most beautiful cities I have had ever chance to visit. My graduation present, the most spontaneous travel decision ever, my dream come true. From the moment my mum showed me her pictures from her adventure in Norway, I was longing to see the fjords. I have been, and still am, stuck on the search for cheep flight tickets to Norway, because I just cannot help myself with the beauty of this country. I have had nearly 24 hours to see Bergen, which majority was in the very early morning, when everybody was asleep. Summer is THE perfect time to see Scandinavia and I cannot wait for the moment I will have enough time and resources to go for a road trip through Denmark, Norway and Sweden – leaving Finland on side for a separate adventure with Santa Claus and reindeers.

I was planning to do that this summer in July, but I think I will do it next year – a 3 weeks road trip through the blue and green.


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