Hello February






It’s unbelievable that we have already February. I can already tell you that it will be a month full of challenges and work, as I guess, the whole 2017 will look like. Quite a different year from all the others. One of the new things that happen lately is that I have got an internship, a part-time one for now, at an organization, which takes care of the biggest food festival in Denmark. I will be learning aspects of communication, SoMe and at some point also be a part of press release preparations… Exciting!
It might seem to you that I have taken a little bit of other direction, and I am giving up on sport events – nothing of that! I just want to learn in practical way, and as you already know, I love to cook and eat, so I couldn’t find better place to combine those two. I will have a little bit of organization on the schedule, since right now I need to manage my lectures, work, student organization meetings and internship – haha! – but nothing makes me more organized than overload of activities!

Last weekend, I have taken as a destination one of the nature highlights of Denmark, situated here on the island, ‘only’ 2,5 hours by public transportation from where I live. Stevns Klint is a 17 km long cliff coast located southerly from the capital of Copenhagen. You can admire it’s beauty, while taking a walk alongside the cliff on the path called ‘Trampestien’, which is divided onto sections of different length. I have begun my walk in Rødvig and walked until the lighthouse called Stevns Fyrcenter. It was an amazing walk of 13k surrounded by the fields, cliffs and the sea view… The only disadvantage was a muddy terrain, but whatever, you can always wash your shoes! You can find information about the route here (in Danish)!

Cannot wait for summer to come to go there one more time in green surroundings!


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