In need for colour


Good morning from grey and foggy Denmark. Weather doesn’t really spoil us here lately, it’s cold with high humidity, so the temperature feels lower that it actually is. Awfully. I don’t mind cold, I love frost and snow, it is just when everything is in grey, it does not give the same feeling of relief. Since Wednesday, I have had a quite hectic schedule.
First, I got sick. I have had problems with breathing and coughing for a few days, but eventually I lastly lost my voice. The worst scenario came to the life, where I had to execute an event, which we – Sport/Event Management class – had prepared in collaboration with one of the street food markets in Copenhagen. Wasn’t easy to wake up at 4:30 am on Thursday and spend majority of time outside until 9 am. Morning part of event wasn’t that popular as we expected, so we called it ‘a day’ earlier than we thought. Friday on the other hand was a working day, due to my Metallica concert on Sunday, I have swap shifts and took a double one yesterday. I can tell you now that 13,5 hour on the street food market standing for 99% of the time – NOT a good idea. Now, I am trying to stop my coughing attack by drinking ginger tea. Hope it will work, my chest hurst already…

Picture from above comes from my latest trip, it’s one of the main streets in small town of Store Heddinge. I saw it from the train on way to the coast, and knew I needed to come by on my way back to the capital. Just a magical place! Each and every house of different, but still similar design. I need to say, Danes are a smart nation. After spending another winter in here, I think I know a secret behind those colorful facades. It’s just so much better to live in a colorful surroundings when weather doesn’t really play along.

Have a good weekend, hope you’ll have a good one!


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