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It’s been a week, again. A tough week, with sickness, lack of energy, but with a great finish up on Friday morning. I have been in my bed since last Saturday, haven’t really leave it for more than an hour, to cook, until Thursday. Cough and shortness of breath made me sleep during the day, while the nights were filled up with attacks and tears… But!

Friday and today made me the whole week. Yesterday I have had my first day as an intern at the food festival I have told you about – Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival. I am at the communication department, where I will be helping with SoMe strategies, ideas for festival and most probably a lot of research and other assignments, which will be necessary at the time… Life paradox. After day one, I can tell you that I will give every hour of my time off just to finally do what makes me happy and appreciated. Sometimes decisions taken with the flow are the best ones – not the first time I experience this to happen!

Today, on the other hand, was a day when I was a kid again. I did slide off the hill…haha. It was so much fun to finally see and feel the winter in Denmark. I am a winter person that is for sure, so seeing well known landscape in white was amazing. It is unbelievable how nature change with the seasons. Dyrehave it’s a huge park situated just 10 min from where I live. You have seen it already in summer and autumn version, but it is the fist time, also for me, to see it under the snow cover. Purely magical!

Have a good Sunday!


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