TBT: where’s your home

In October, I got to be in all of my three homes, and only so far I got to leave Denmark without sentimental problems haha. I am guessing, I still don’t have this emotional attachment to the land of Vikings. The good side of having so many homes it’s you always have someone to visit.


Rooftops and mountains






Today was all about climbing the castle hill called Schlossberg. There are few main ways to get there. For lazy once, the lift; for more active steep allé, and for locals the stairs. It is one of the best workouts available after the lunch, however if your condition equals zero as mine, take it slowly, otherwise you will end up lacking your breath, as I did.

However, the panorama of the city has a lot to offer so it is more that recommended to overcome your laziness. Something in this city makes me calm, maybe memories, maybe the fact that I know it well…Here I am not worried, stressed nor disorganized… Everything make sense, what makes me happy inside.