One afternoon

Hello on Saturday! I am still in bed, just cannot get myself out of this cosines…

This week hasn’t been like all the others, I have both enjoyed it and sort of hate it. Lots of engagement, knowledge and joy has been brought to me by Social Media Week Copenhagen, which I attended. University life haven’t been too bad either, we have got this amazing hands on project with one of the startup’s based in Copenhagen. However, as it needs to be for the balance, I lost a job, which you knowing me can take as both tragic and semi-negative.

All in all, Friday, as it tend to be in last month, brings me the most of motivation. Doing MY thing at the internship, being creative and not limited with the ideas gives a lot of excitement and happiness, especially when you see your ideas work slowly…

Nevertheless, I need to find asap a new job and still remain in good focus for all the other activities I have brought myself on. Pictures come from one of this week’s afternoon walk in Brede, small town based in the suburbs of Copenhagen.

Have a great chill Saturday, and I hope your week has been less complex than mine!


Foggy reality

Another week, another story. This week is planned almost to 30 minutes, I will be attending lectures, meetings expo, social media week conference as both volunteer and attendee, need to go to work and internship and most probably have some life aside. Hahha.

Weather doesn’t give for a win, it’s rainy, cloudy and grey. However, I need to say sometimes with right inner attitude it has it own charm, too. Just take a look on those captions, simple and calming. Hope you are having a great day, I am off to fix some assignments…