Risotto time

Since it’s Friday, after work, and apparently I didn’t spent enough time cooking and preparing… I made risotto with zucchini. It came out delicious as I remember it from Austria.

Why Austria, you might think? My cooking skills come from there while cooking with my ‘other’ mum. She is just amazing in the kitchen! Not afraid at all of any combinations nor cuisines. This is were I picked my basic cooking knowledge and I fell in love with cooking.

Student life does not really give me opportunity to cook everyday nor anything sophisticated, but I like coming back to old memories and receipts, it feels like home then.

Have a good Friday evening, in Denmark people went crazy about Halloween… I don’t mind pumpkins, but I am not a fan of getting scared on purpose. Nevertheless, have fun if you like it!


Birthday week

Why all those years pass though so fast?

Last week was the one and only with my birthday. I have spent the most full day, I can remember, with my friends, cooking, family calling, a party and chocolate 😀

I was really overwhelmed by number of people greeting me, hugging, wishing all great things. Fingers crossed, it will all come true fast!