What a view! Couldn’t imagine better closing of the week, especially by knowing that I won’t see much sunshine during this weekend… As it turned out today, Mother Nature didn’t want me to be too much upset and brought the rain back. Hahaha.

I thought that last few days with snow was everything I could wish for, but I was wrong. On Thursday evening we got major snow storm and throughout the night about 15cm of fresh white happiness came down from the sky. Therefore the fields covered in white! Magic!

Since it’s the last weekend of Carnival most of you probably enjoy the party, I am enjoying my bed so far, work hard play hard life doesn’t include too much social time on weekends… and I am not yet there with my health condition, wonder how much longer this phase will last?


4 seasons


Another week passed by. I should have been blogging twice a week, but I am still in need of energy. My coughing phase doesn’t want to leave me, and I have been extremely busy with school. We are creating a project about global impact of Super Bowl, but there is very little data on non-USA users… Have been struggling to find some relevant sources, but so far we have decided upon little change of the research question.

With the snow still being available until middle of the week, I have realized that  I have collected four nearly the same pictures from each season of past year. This road leads to the dormitory I reside in, so you can see how amazing it is to go under the allé of trees almost everyday and see the changes in the nature.
Wish you calm and cosy Saturday!